Our Approach

Do you need a website doctor?

If your website is not working, the answer is not to hire an expensive ad agency to do a new design. You first need to understand why it is not working, and create a strategy that will work.

When someone has a serious illness, they may not know what is wrong. Instead of walking into a pharmacy and saying, "Please sell me a prescription drug," most people know that they need to go to the doctor first.

A good doctor will spend time with you. He or she will learn about your case history, ask a lot of questions about your symptoms, and may even order some tests. Then based on a thorough understanding of your specific situation, and based on extensive experience and training, the doctor will make a diagnosis and recommend a course of treatment.

The treatment may be simple: "Add a potassium supplement to your diet," or it may be a new prescription medicine, or it may be a complex surgery. But regardless of the treatment prescribed, it is based on your specific situation and it offers hope for a successful cure.

The reality is that most web designers do not have experience at growing businesses, and they do not know how to prescribe a “cure” for your business growth ills.

Your website can be an integral part of you business, and it can be a cost-effective tool to rapidly increase sales, grow your business and make you money. However, for many businesses, their website is not functioning the way it should.

Not knowing the root cause, often someone will order a new website in a misguided attempt to fix the illness. We know people who have spent $10,000 on a website that did not bring in any sales. Then $20,000 on another website that still did not do anything. Then $30,000 on a third website that did not even work right.

This is like walking into the pharmacy and saying, "Give me the most expensive prescription drug you have." This is a recipe for disaster, not for success. If you are sick, what you really need is an accurate diagnosis and prescription.

Consulting before design

Cloud Mountain Marketing is first and foremost a consulting firm. We provide the key insights and strategies that can allow you to make a quantum leap in your business growth.

We're really good at websites, but it's not about the website. It’s about growing your business.

People ask, "Do you do web design?" Yes, we do, and we’re really good at it. But we’re not a web design firm. We are like the doctor’s office with an attached pharmacy. Yes, we do offer website design, content development, custom programming, and search engine optimization services, but these are all ancillary to our primary mission: creating that strategies that will help you make a quantum leap forward in your business.

If you are just looking for a web designer to make your site look better, then we may not a good fit for you. If you already know what kind of design you want, and you’re just looking for someone to build the site, then there are plenty of others who can help you. However, if any of the following statements applies to you, then you might want to talk to the "website doctor."

  • "I've got a great product or service, but I seem to be the best-kept secret in my town."
  • "I'd really like to increase my sales by $250,000 / $500,000, $1,000.000+, and I don't know how."
  • "My website's not doing anything for me, and I'd like to change that."

We invite you to talk with us today about your website and your business goals.